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UbuCon in Heidelberg

IMAG0109At the last weekend we organized the german-speaking conference UbuCon. In this year we had 160 visitors. I think the most people at the Ubucon have a lots of fun and have learned many technical and human things.

There were many sessions with very different topics for beginners, normal users, admins and geeks. There were workshops to Gimp, Inscape, Django or Blender. The talks has topics like HTML5-Apps, Raspberry Pi, ownCloud, KDE or OpenStack.

A very interesting topic was about the Ubuntu Touch system. We get two Nexus4 phones from Canonical to present Ubuntu Touch.  On Friday we made a hands on. On Sunday we made a talk about Ubuntu Touch.

We get many feedback from the visitors. Nearly all feedback is very positive and many have one or two points to do better for the next UbuCon in the next year.

In this year we get many merchandize from Canonical. Thanks about that.

And there was a lot of food for all visitors. The cake on the picture is only a little impression. 🙂

Picture made by Mathias Menzer


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Build your conference: German Ubucon in Heidelberg in October 2013

It’s the seventh time that the German Ubuntu community meets for its yearly conference called Ubucon (German). The conference takes place in Heidelberg/Germany from 11th to 13th of October 2013.

This years slogan is “Build your conference“. The meaning is that on the one hand all visitors can send wishes what topics should be discussed. On the other hand the speakers can submit there presentation or workshops. Both groups are part of Ubuntu community and should work together to create an interesting conference.

The call for papers is open till 15th of  September 2013. We also have mobil devices with Ubuntu on this confernce to try out Ubuntu on a phone.

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Thank you, my great team

Today, we have the Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day and this is the reason that I say Thank you to all of the members of my team: the core team of I’m very proud to be a member of this great team of 61 people.

My special thanks goes to MarkusH. and svij for their very great work this year. They help me so much and have very much done for the project. It is a pleasure for me to work with you.

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My activities in the German Loco community 2012

In Copenhagen on the UDS was a communities track and as a result some guys want to know what the locogroups currently do. So I write a little report of my activities in Ubuntu in this year.

Torsten at the Ubucon 2012

Torsten at the Ubucon 2012 – picture made by Horst Böhme

At first let me tell you that I love when people come together and speak about Ubuntu and other open source things. If I have the time I go to a lot of meetings around Ubuntu. At the end of last year I moved from Berlin to Lüneburg, a small city near Hamburg and I had change my job. In July I have to change my job again. So I have had a lot to do with moving and my jobs. But this was not a reason to say, let’s make a little break with Ubuntu. My activities in this great community didn’t suffered about that – or only a little bit. 😉

This year was my main work for Ubuntu as a projectlead from ( the official portal in Germany ). Another activity was writing news about Ubuntu for Ikhaya, the news-magazine in Also I worked as programmer in Ruby on Rails for where you can individualize your Ubuntu installation. In the locogroup of Germany I coordinate exhibition activities and the spread of the Ubuntu CDs.

Here is the list of my activities in 2012:

  • member of the team as projectlead
  • write articles about Ubuntu on
  • work as a programmer on the communtu project to individualize the Ubuntu installation
  • organize the re-approval for the german loco team
  • presenting Ubuntu at Cebit in Hannover
  • presenting Ubuntu at Chemitzer Linux Tage
  • presenting Ubuntu at the LinuxTag Berlin
  • write an article about Communtu in „Linux intern“ magazine
  • write an article about in „Linux intern“ magazine
  • organize the ubucon – german conference of Ubuntu users
  • speaker at the Software Freedom Day in Hamburg about Ubuntu and community
  • presenting Ubuntu at the Software Freedom Day in Hamburg

And in 2013?

In 2012 the activities were great and very hard. For the most things I didn’t have enough time. In 2013 I will spend a much time in Ubuntu, too. But I think that I do some things different.

Things I will do like in 2012:

  •  write articles about Ubuntu on
  • presenting Ubuntu at the LinuxTag Berlin
  • presenting Ubuntu at the Software Freedom Day in Hamburg or in another city
  • meet other in local ubuntu or linux groups
  • speaker at the ubucon

Things I will maybe do in 2013:

  •  member of the team as projectlead
  • work as a programmer on the communtu project to individualize the Ubuntu installation
  • presenting Ubuntu at Chemitzer Linux Tage

Things I will not do in 2013 again:

  •  presenting Ubuntu at Cebit in Hannover
  • writing article in commerzial magazins

Things I will do in 2013 that I havend done in 2012:

  •  speaker about Ubuntu and presenting Ubuntu at Froscon

Okay, that is only a plan. 😉 Maybe I get more plans in the nearly future. If you have any questions please leave a comment or write me a mail.

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Thank you for the music

One week ago, we have started a call of donates by our users of – the official german support forum for Ubuntu. We need new server and so we ask our users to give us the money we need for it. That are minimal need 12.000 euros. One week later we get from over 400 users donates. The amount is 14.789,81 euro. 🙂 We have a very very very great community at all. Thank you to all users who made this possible.

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Interview with Mark Shuttleworth on Ikhaya

We have made an interview with Mark for the news magazin Ikhaya on the German portal The questions was asked in the comments of an announcement for the interview article by the users of which has 130.000 registred users. The original interview with Mark is here avalible in English. We have translate it into german for our users.

Mark told us things about the future of Ubuntu, about Canonical and the work with the community and many more. Thank you for this interesting and amazing interview, Mark.

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CeBIT in Hannover last month

Last month I was on CeBIT in Hannover for the Ubuntu Project. It was very nice to be a part of the Open Source Project Lounge. I found an article about our work at the cebit on h-online .

It was a nice event and I want to say thank you to all friends who has help me by this event. I have had six people which has help me from the German Community. In the next year I would be nice if Canonical shows her present on the CeBIT course there were a many people who came because they have an economic interest of the use of Ubuntu. Maybe we see us next year on the CeBIT with a Canonical/Community exhibition stand. 🙂

The photo shows Florian, Markus and myself. It was made by