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My first six months at the Ubuntu Community Council

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Six months ago I was elected to the Ubuntu Community Council. After the first month, I wrote a text about how I experienced the first month. Time flies and now six months have already passed.

In the first few months we have been able to fill some of the councils and boards that needed to be refilled in the community. But even where this has not been possible, we have initiated new ways to ensure that we move forward on the issues. One example is the LoCo Council, which could not be filled again, but we found people who were given the task of rethinking this council and proposing new structures. This process of evaluating and rethinking this area will take some time.

There are some issues that we have on the agenda at the moment. Some of these are general issues related to the community, but some affects individual members of the community or where there are problems.

For some topics, we quickly realised that it makes sense to have contact persons at Canonical who can advance these topics. We were very pleased to find Monica Ayhens-Madon and Rhys Davies, two employees at Canonical, who support us in bringing topics into the organisation and also implement tasks. One consequence of this has been the reactivation of the Community Team at Canonical.

One topic that we have also come across, through the staffing of the board and the update of the benefits that you get as a member, is the Ubuntu Membership. At this point I would like to advertise the community and to show your community connection with Ubuntu through a membership. If you want to do this and know what benefits you are entitled to, you can read about it in the Ubuntu Wiki.

There are still enough construction sites, but structurally we are already on the right track again. Since the topics are dealt with in our free time and everyone on the Community Council has other things to do, topics sometimes drag on a bit. Sometimes I’m a bit impatient, but I’m getting better at it.

After six months, I can see that we as a Community Council have laid many building blocks and have already had some discussions where we have different approaches and thus also very different ideas. This is good for the community and leads to the different positions and opinions finding their way into the community.

You can read about our public meetings in the Community Hub. There is also the possibility, when we call for topics for our meetings, to bring in topics that we should look at in the Council, because this is important for the cooperation of the community.

If you want to get involved in discussions about the community, you can do so at the Community Hub. You can also send us an email to the mailing list community-council at if you have a community topic on your mind. If you want to contact me: you can do so by commenting, via Twitter or sending a mail to me: torsten.franz at

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