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Sometimes it is time to critically question things and look for new ways. This is what we as the Ubuntu Community Council have initiated with the existing Local Communities (LoCo) project.

The LoCos have been an integral part of the Ubuntu family since almost the beginning of Ubuntu. The aim of the LoCos is that people who are involved with Ubuntu find contact persons and like-minded people in their area, so that they are included in the Ubuntu community and also get help with possible questions or problems with Ubuntu.It is also the aim that these local units fill Ubuntu with life and organise events. In the past years they have been an important institution in building the community around Ubuntu.

Last year, we at the newly elected Community Council wanted to re-staff the international council that oversees this LoCo and called for nominations. Unfortunately, there were not enough candidates so that we could re-staff this council.

We thought about what we could do to bring new momentum to this community issue. We came up with the idea of setting up a committee with members from all continents to see how we can change, improve or even completely change the concept. It is expressly desired that we break out of the existing Ubuntu cosmos and look elsewhere and analyse what good accents others have in their community and how we can perhaps learn something from them. The idea of the Local Communities Research Committee (LCRC) was born, which is supposed to reinvent the LoCos. The whole idea can be found on the Community Hub.

I would be very happy if committed Ubuntu members would like to take on this task and contribute to this LCRC, thus improving Ubuntu and shaping the structures for the future. Actually, there is nothing standing in our way, but of course we have to get going. We accept applications at the mail address community-council at

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