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My first month at the Ubuntu Community Council

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In the last few weeks I have been asked by many people what topics we have in the Community Council and what we are doing. After a month in the Council, I want to give a first insight into what happened in the early days and what has been on my mind. Of course, these are all subjective impressions and I am not speaking here from the perspective of the Community Council, but from my own perspective.

In the beginning, of course, we had to deal with organisational issues. These include ensuring that everyone is included in the Community Council’s communication channels. There are two main channels that we use. On the one hand, we have a team channel on IRC on Freenode to exchange ideas. The channel has the advantage that you can ask the others small questions and have a relaxed chat. To reach everyone in the Council, we have set up the mailing list: community-council at

No, I haven’t yet managed to read through all the documents and threads that deal with the Community Council or how to make the community more active again. But I have already read a lot in the first month on the Community Hub and on mailing lists to get different impressions. I can only encourage everyone to get involved with constructive ideas and help us to improve the community of Ubuntu.

I haven’t worked on an international board since 2017 and had completely forgotten one topic that is more complex than national teams: the different timezones. But after a short time we managed to find a date where we all can basically do it and we had our public meeting of the council. This took place twice and the second time we all managed to attend. The minutes of the meetings are publicly available: 1st Meeting and 2nd Meeting. We have decided that we will hold the meeting twice a month.

The Community Council had not been active for a year now, so there had been further problems with filling positions that are dependent on the Community Council. So we had to tackle these issues as soon as possible. In the case of the Membership Board, we extended the existing memberships for a period of time after consultation with the members concerned, so that the ability to work would not be affected. After that, we launched a call for new candidates to join the Board. The result of this call was that sufficient candidates were found and we can fill this board again. Soon the new members will be selected and announced by us.

A somewhat more difficult issue proved to be the Local Community (LoCo) Council. Like the Community Council, this one had not been staffed for some time, and as a result some local communities have fallen out of the approved status, even though they applied for it. Here we have also launched a call for a new LoCo Council. But even though the pain seemed to be big there, not enough candidates were found, so that we were able to fill this council and fill it with life. After a discussion on how to deal with the situation, we decided to take a step back and look at why we got into this situation and what the needs of the existing local communities are (see the log of our second meeting). This will be the subject of a Committee that we will set up. This way we will discuss a basic framework of the community of Ubuntu and see what new ways we as a community can go about it.

As further topics we have started the discussion about our understanding of the work of the Community Council and how we want to work. One of the results was that we want to use Launchpad in the future to manage our tasks. As another board was threatened with membership expiring, we at the Technical Board extended the membership of members until the end of the year. This will allow us to start the process for a new election there.

All in all, there are more exciting topics to come in the community on Ubuntu in the near future. Are the structures currently so suitable for the community? There is no community team at Canonical at the moment and the future cooperation between Canonical and the community has not yet been clarified. These all seem to me to be very exciting topics and I’m happy that we are able to work on it together.

If you want to get involved in discussions about the community, you can do so at the Community Hub. You can also send us an email to the mailing list above if you have a community topic on your mind. If you want to contact me: you can do so by commenting, via Twitter or sending a mail to me: torsten.franz at

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