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Thank you for the music

One week ago, we have started a call of donates by our users of – the official german support forum for Ubuntu. We need new server and so we ask our users to give us the money we need for it. That are minimal need 12.000 euros. One week later we get from over 400 users donates. The amount is 14.789,81 euro. 🙂 We have a very very very great community at all. Thank you to all users who made this possible.


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Interview with Mark Shuttleworth on Ikhaya

We have made an interview with Mark for the news magazin Ikhaya on the German portal The questions was asked in the comments of an announcement for the interview article by the users of which has 130.000 registred users. The original interview with Mark is here avalible in English. We have translate it into german for our users.

Mark told us things about the future of Ubuntu, about Canonical and the work with the community and many more. Thank you for this interesting and amazing interview, Mark.